Cách Phân Biệt Các Dòng Máy Đạp Xe Tập Thể Dục Hiện Nay

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Cách Phân Biệt Các Dòng Máy Đạp Xe Tập Thể Dục Hiện Nay

How to Distinguish Current Exercise Bikes

How many types of home exercise bikes are there? What are the characteristics of each type? Check out Gintell Malaysia's sports equipment at the official website.

Escaping the pressures of everyday life is extremely difficult. That's why you need a device that can help dispel all afflictions. When you spend a little time cycling every day on an exercise bike, you will be able to both exercise and find some peace for yourself. Don't worry about your busy life when you have a very convenient home exercise bike product line.

How many types of exercise bikes are there?

Indoor exercise bike machines often come in many different designs to meet the needs and preferences of each person. They are mainly divided into 3 main classifications and are popular in many countries, including upright bikes, incline bikes, and spinning bikes.

Each category has different styles and features, from heart rate displays built into the armrests to resistance adjustments, making it easy for users to tailor their workout schedule and regimen in a personalized way. reasonable.

1. Standing bike

As the name implies, this indoor exercise bike category allows the user to sit in an upright position identical to that of a regular outdoor bike.

High-end standing exercise bike from Gintell Malaysia

This is probably the most popular type of stationary bike and is ideal for those who want to train at a moderate intensity. With a variety of sizes and, for the most part, quite neat and elegant, it can be said that the device is quite familiar and easy to use.

2. An incline bike (also known as a recumbent bike)

On the other hand, incline exercise bike machines often have a relatively heavy weight because they are equipped with a small backrest chair in the body. This design is intended to assist people who have difficulty sitting upright or have many other problems related to cycling posture.


Inclined bike

Therefore, the exercise will be quite gentle and much more comfortable. Most of the use is for energy recovery and muscle relaxation.

3. Rotary bike

Just like a stand-up bike, a spinning bike has the same styling as a regular bike. However, the pressure on the flywheel of this type of exercise bike is significantly heavier than the above mentioned types.

Most have frictional or electromagnetic braking. Therefore, this line of equipment may be more suitable for people who need high-intensity training such as HIIT or cardio.

Which type of exercise bike should I buy?

Each category is used for a specific need. If you're looking for a moderate-intensity workout device, we recommend a bike with a stand-up design.

You can refer to Gintell's line of indoor exercise bikes. They are all equipped with screens that display basic workout information. The innovative mechanism also allows the user to change modes by adjusting the level of resistance and speed.

8 levels of resistance

All parameters of heart rate, speed, time, and calories burned are placed in sight and quite convenient.

The benefits of cycling at home every day

- Reduce muscle tension.

- Environmental protection.

- This increases flexibility and endurance.

- Have a healthy lung.

- improve heart health.

- Correction of osteoarthritis

- Bringing peace, serenity, and worry-free living.

- Body building

Improve health

The secret to making the exercise bike durable is to

- Equip yourself with a towel to wipe away sweat. Avoid letting sweat fall too much on important internal details that can affect durability.

- Use specialized cleaning solutions to gently clean the display, handle, and chassis.


The exercise bike is like a good assistant to help you improve your health every day. If you are experiencing fatigue or pain, owning a home exercise bike is essential right now. There are many models on the market for you to choose from.

If you have a need to find a brand that specializes in providing affordable treadmills, do not hesitate to visit Gintell's official website for support.



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