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About us


GINTELL was established in 1996 and has since expanded its business and distribution network to more than 150 outlets throughout the Asian and more than 1000 employees. Today, it is recognized as one of the leading healthcare chain stores in Malaysia. Over the years, GINTELL has invested millions of dollars in brand building and human capital development; combining with its innovative marketing strategies to lay the foundation for the success of the company.



Global - We have a foresighted vision and aims international.
Integrity & Innovation - We encourage our people to walk the talk and think out of the box
Nurture - We nurture a continuous learning culture in our organization
Teamwork - We respect everybody in the organization and believe strong teamwork is the key factor for our success
Excellent Service - We always put our customer as our priority and committed to provide excellent leadership and management skills
Leadership - We strive to acquire excellent leader ship and management skills
Love - We are passionate to promote love and care to society



Sales   - We are not just selling a product but an experience and our credibility to our customer
Technical Support - Excellent people generate excellent product and services
Customer Service - Customer is always right
Marketing - There is no weak or low market period, its only our state of mind
Back Office Support   - Our standard is beyond your satisfaction
Human Resources  - Our goal is to produce a quality team
Brand     - Health – Love – Life


We established “  Health, Love, Life” as GINTELL’s brand values:                       

Health  : We care for your health, fitness and beauty.
Love : We care for you and your family
Life : We build a strong and healthier lifestyle



We aspire to achieve an International Brand through our Innovative Healthcare products and services



It is our desire to promote wellbeing awareness to every family for a loving and healthy lifestyle.



 39 - 41 Lê Thạch , P.12, Quận 4, TP.HCM

VPGD: Toà nhà GIC, tầng 1, 220C Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, P. Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, Tp. HCM

 0702 847 632 |  info.vn@gintell.com


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