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Delivery & Payment


After confirming the order, Gintell will immediately deliver the goods to you as soon as possible. The products are committed to being the right products with the selected brand and model. 

1. Delivery time: 

- Delivery time will be faster for orders within Ho Chi Minh City. At the latest within 24 hours for orders in the inner city and 5 days at the latest for orders in the province. 

- Ensure product safety during delivery. 

- Sense of responsibility, enthusiastic, professional, and respectful attitude when delivering, as well as supporting installation 

*NOTE: Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in some regions, the shipping time may be slightly different between different regions in the country 

2. Delivery method: 

- Delivery will be responsible by the Supplier of Gintell Vietnam or Gintell Vietnam depending on the type of item. 

- After receiving your order, Gintell Vietnam's staff will call to inform you about the delivery time as well as the product shipping price. Depending on the item, location as well as Supplier, you may be entitled to Free Shipping or Pay Shipping according to the policy of that region or Supplier. 

- In case you want to change the delivery date and time, please call Hotline Gintell Vietnam 070.284.7632 and Hotline Gintell Hanoi 097.371.4159 at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time for locations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and at least 48 hours in advance for other provinces. 

3. Place of delivery:  -
- Gintell delivers nationwide with no geographical and distance limitations. 

- Gintell only delivers goods to the correct recipients that customers have registered when making a purchase. During the delivery process, if there is an unclear change of recipient, Gintell has the right to refuse delivery and request the customer to pick up the goods at Gintell's location. 

4. Delivery cost: 

- Free shipping for orders within Ho Chi Minh City. 

- In case of force majeure, due to natural disasters, floods damaged ferry bridges... Gintell is not responsible for compensation for damage arising from delivery of goods on time or failure to deliver goods to the destination as agreed with the customer.

- In case Gintell has shipped to the delivery location as agreed upon at the time of purchase, but for some reason, the customer requests to return the goods, then the customer must bear the shipping costs according to Gintell's prescribed tariff. 

- For products that are heavy, bulky, and need to be transported to floors without an elevator, ask customers to assist in delivery. 

- During special events or Festival days due to limited general traffic policy (no roads for some vehicles...) delivery, time may change, Gintell will call customers to agree on delivery time. 

5. Payment methods: 

Payment method: Cash / Bank Transfer / Card Transfer information 


- Account number: 1912 9471 3100 11 – At Techcombank, Pasteur branch 

Cash payment: 

- You can come to buy & pay directly at Gintell Vietnam’s showrooms or pay directly to Gintell Vietnam's delivery staff at the pick-up location. 

Card payment: 

- Card payment can only be applied to orders with delivery locations within Ho Chi Minh City. 

- If you need to pay by card when receiving the goods, please notify Gintell at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time, or right after confirming the order so that the company's delivery department can prepare. reasonable devices. 

- In case the carrier is not equipped with a card machine when delivering the goods, you can go with the company's staff to pay the card at the nearest showroom locations, or you can pay by card online. through ordering on the Gintell website under the guidance of Gintell.



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