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Massage Chair And Amazing Pain Relief Benefits - Gintell

A massage with the right method and science can help reduce stress and reduce back pain significantly. However, it is not always convenient for us to have time to find therapeutic massage services. Although the best way is still to have a massage therapist licensed, but now many electronic devices, technology can replace traditional massage techniques and bring a number of benefits to the patient. people, even more – that is the Massage Chair.

Most people now believe that massage chairs are quite a luxury item, or that a massage chair is definitely not necessary for daily living, or simply for back pain relief. However, the truth is that the benefits that massage chairs bring far outweigh the cost, the benefits are even more, saving maximum time, convenient massage at all times.

The benefits of massage therapy and massage chairs

If done well, massage techniques can play an important role in reducing chronic back pain and soreness. Similarly, a good massage chair will be designed completely similar to professional massage techniques and scientifically designed to provide users with pain relief and relaxation measures, but without the need for professional massage. person-to-person interaction.

Therefore, sometimes it helps to massage the exact area that needs to be relaxed thanks to the programs and functions built into the chair. Having a massage in privacy at home, along with convenience and flexibility in time, are the main reasons people choose to use massage chairs as an alternative means of providing therapy to relieve back pain, relieve stress, improve health and restore the body.

A comprehensive study has proven that there are three main reasons why massage is beneficial:

  • lymphatic, venous, and muscular.
  • Movementmuscle movement increases blood flow. Increased blood flow facilitates circulation and absorption of nutrients into muscles and tissues.
  • Increases lymphatic circulation to remove toxins from these areas. Together, this revitalizes the area being massaged.

Massage therapy reduces stress and improves flexibility. Massage helps loosen stiff muscles.

Massage therapy also helps increase levels of endorphins (also known as happy hormones)—substances naturally produced by the nervous system in response to pain or stress. They can alleviate pain and increase feelings of happiness.This is also the main benefit that massage chairs bring. Compared with all the other benefits, increasing endorphin levels is directly related to faster body recovery, significant pain relief, and staving off depression and anxiety.

Potential risks and contraindications to massage therapy include

In general, any type of massage is not harmful, or the risk of harm is very low. Although there are no specific contraindications or risks associated with the use of massage chairs, in general, any massage therapy should be followed.

Therefore, massage therapy should not be used when you have:

Infectious skin diseases


-Wounds that haven't healed yet

- Immediately after surgery

- Have a history of blood clots or if taking blood thinners

- Circulatory diseases such as phlebitis or varicose veins

- Inflamed or infected wound - Areas of bleeding or severe tissue damage

- At new fractures, sprains or bruises

- Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation therapy

- Osteoporosis (use with caution)



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