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You are looking for an indoor exercise bike since you're busy and want to make things convenient for yourself. If you do not know how to choose an exercise bike and lack experience choosing to buy a good exercise bike, do not pass up this article. Here is the experience of choosing to buy an exercise bike that we have compiled. Please refer to it for more useful information.


1. Applicable user

The first experience of choosing to buy an exercise bike is that you must determine your health status and usage needs, such as:

The need for exercise for weight loss

The demand for weight loss is often greater in teenagers, young adults, and people in their middle years than in the elderly. You should pick goods with a robust construction, high resistance level, and maximal calorie burn to satisfy your demands for weight loss and staying in shape.

The need for health promotion for older adults

For the elderly, you should choose models with a relatively low height, and the saddle can be adjusted up and down when used. Cycling will help improve joint and muscle problems common in the elderly.


The demand for physical therapists

Patients with osteoarthritis, catastrophe,  injured by accidents,...whose movement and mobility will confront several difficulties. However, they will be able to utilize exercise bikes for therapeutic support at home. But first, it's necessary to consider whether the user's medical condition is severe or mild, what kind of equipment the doctor recommends, and the appropriate exercise regimen.

Patients do physical therapists treat

2. Features of the exercise bike 


When buying exercise bikes, you should choose models with full features. This is the experience of choosing to buy an exercise bike to help users have a good experience when using it. Different manufacturers will also have their products equipped with different features. Here are some features that are often found in exercise bike equipment:

​​LED or LCD display screen


It displays measured parameters of distance, time, exercise speed, heart rate, and calories burned.

The display screen of common exercise bikes

Customize exercise intensity: The device will be integrated with different exercise modes. You can adjust the level of fast or slow depending on your training needs.

Flexible saddle adjustment: To meet all subjects and heights for the exerciser, you should choose models that can customize the height of the saddle for convenience in training.

Large pedals, with belts and non-slip feet: This feature will ensure safety and comfort for users during exercise.

Equipped with a water bottle: The body will get dehydrated during cycling, hence the user needs to replenish the necessary amount of water for the body. Therefore, the producer of the exercise bike is equipped with a sports water bottle to assist you avoid wasting time moving and leaving the bike to get water while exercising.


3.The gross weight of exercise bike


Experience in purchasing an exercise bike that has a long life and is safe to use, you need to consider the maximum gross weight of the machine. Examine the specifications of the device before purchasing to avoid having a machine with a small weight and a weak frame while the mass of people exceeds the allowable weight. Here are some recommendations for the weight of the exercise bike: 

Maximum user weight under 80kg: This is the gross weight level for most Vietnamese people, who weigh less than 80 kg.

Maximum user weight from 80 kg to 120 kg: This gross weight level is suitable for people who are overweight or obese, with a weight ranging from 80–120 kg.

Maximum user w: The exercise bikes at this weight level are appropriate for those who weigh between 120 - 150 kg and need to exercise intensively.


Specifications for the exercise bike The Gintell Aero Bike 3.0


4.Purchase cost of exercise bike


Nowadays, the exercise bike may be purchased for a diverse range of prices. You may choose to get an exercise bike at a price that is appropriate for your capabilities. This is the experience of having to choose a reasonably priced exercise bike that still satisfies your demands. Except in special conditions, you don't need to invest a lot of money, and only between $3 and $8 million will get you the ideal exercise bike.


5.Brands and guarantee policy


Nowadays, all brands of exercise bikes have a 12-month minimum guarantee duration for their products. The warranty will provide customers with a greater sense of peace while purchasing and using the products. The colors, patterns, and features of each brand's items will vary. You may choose an appropriate product based on your personal preferences. However, purchasing a high-quality exercise bike is a process in which you should do your own research from trustworthy sources first.

Gintell Malaysia 

These are the exercise bike purchasing experiences that we have shared with you. We hope that this article may help you in your search for a trustworthy exercise bike. Visit our brand website,, if you're looking for a reliable and high-quality product supplier. For any information about the product, please contact us via the hotline 0932.988.080 for support.



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