Xe đạp tập thể dục và các thiết bị hỗ trợ giảm cân

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Xe đạp tập thể dục và các thiết bị hỗ trợ giảm cân

Should I lose weight with a healthy diet or do exercise?



Besides eating scientifically, exercising is also very important to have an ideal body with a toned body. There are many popular weight loss devices on the market, such as exercise bikes, and in addition to a number of other convenient devices. If you are in need of weight loss, please refer to our products below.

Healthy diet or exercising to lose weight?

Before embarking on weight loss, you need to know for sure that, in order to lose weight effectively, the calories you take in must be less than the calories you expend. Eating has an impact on calorie intake, while exercise helps to burn calories and release energy from the body. Therefore, eating healthy or exercising directly affects your weight loss process.


Balance your dietary and workout routines.

A calorie deficit is a scientifically proven weight-loss and safe method which interests a lot of people. However, researchers have proven that exercise causes the body to crave food due to this shortage. That being said, in order for the weight loss process to be effective, you need to control your body's calorie intake and balance diet and exercise reasonably.

The combination of exercise and healthy eating also helps blood sugar levels be consumed properly, reducing the risk of diabetes. Besides, exercise will make your spirit more cheerful, promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Equipments to support weight loss

1. Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is a fixed piece of equipment in one place. You may work out in the comfort of your home. Exercise bikes work based on the fitness of the practitioner. Basically, the parts of the exercise bike are built almost like a regular bike. However, the exercise bike has a compact and sturdy design with a stainless steel frame. For this device, you can put it anywhere to exercise. In addition, it is renovated and improved with many outstanding features, helping to bring better efficiency.

Gintell AeroBike 3.0 Exercise Bike 

2. Treadmill 

Unlike exercise bikes, treadmills are operated based on the movement of the conveyor belt through an electric motor. With modern technology, today's treadmill just needs you to press the start button and select the appropriate mode to start exercising. 

Everyone knows that multi-function treadmills have a larger, more bulky design than other devices, but you can choose to buy products with folding features to save space in your living space. Treadmills, in addition to supporting weight loss, also bring many health benefits to practitioners.


Gintell SmarTREK PLUS Treadmill

3. Hula Exercise Chair

The exercise swivel chair is a device inspired by the hula exercise to help regain a slim waist. The chair has the ability to rotate 360° in the direction of movement of the hips and buttocks to help shape the body of the practitioner. The device, with a seat design according to the height structure of the body suitable for Asians, in addition to supporting weight loss, also helps keep the back straight, protects the spinal cord and enhances metabolism. The current waist swivel chair is not too expensive and is very popular with women.

In conclusion, the best way to get a toned and balanced body is to exercise. Above are safe weight loss devices that we have introduced to you now. To buy exercise bikes or genuine, reputable exercise equipment with a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance, you can refer to our products on Gintell Vietnam's official website . For any information about the product, you can directly contact the Gintell hotline at 0932.988.080 for support.





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