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Running is a healthy sport and very good for health. But for some reason, you don't have time to run outdoors and you are wondering about buying a reasonably priced treadmill to exercise at home. There are many different models on the market today. Therefore, you should research and refer to the information below to make the right decision.


2 factors to consider when buying a treadmill

1. Brand

Among the criteria for choosing to buy any product, the big brand is the top thing to keep in mind. Nowadays, scams happen a lot. It is important that you need to be wise in choosing a reputable brand to put your trust in.



If you are reading this article, you have not found an ideal distributor yet. So why not come to Gintell Malaysia? We have a long history in the field of health and ensure the business of quality products at a variety of prices.

2. Warranty policy

Of course, all famous brands guarantee the full rights of customers when buying products. However, note that each business will have different customer care methods.

At Gintell, you will be supported with a 1-year warranty on a high-quality, affordable treadmill. In the event that the goods received are defective due to a manufacturing defect, you must immediately contact customer service for timely support and return.


Advantages of Gintell's affordable, high-quality treadmill

In the treadmill market in Vietnam, treadmills are divided into many price segments, from low-cost treadmills to affordable, high-quality treadmills. Those interested in the low-cost treadmill segment are often families with low income or not too high requirements.

Of course, the quality of those cheap treadmills will not guarantee durability and have many defects. As for the treadmill of Gintell Malaysia, although the price segment may be slightly higher, of course, the high-end and special, the ability to fold conveniently is an undisputed great thing.

In other words, the affordable treadmill product lines at Gintell all come with dynamic designs, sporty colors and functions that are far superior to cheap treadmills. The features of this product line are very modern and complete. It can be said that it is capable of optimizing the training needs of many subjects.



Some structural features of high-end treadmills


- Body: made of high-impact resistant material to be able to support the load of the jogger. This is the part in contact with the plane where the user places the device, so it must be firm, anti-corrosion, and increase durability.

- Tripod: equipped with extremely safe rear and front support system. At the end there are two small wheels on either side. So users can conveniently move the machine to another location in the same space.

- Conveyor: is the place in direct contact with the foot and is the only moving area on the device during operation. Ensure the function of keeping friction, anti-slip and not making too much noise.


- Motor: the most important part inside the treadmill, providing power and helping the machine work. Gintell's high-quality, affordable treadmill's motor ranges from 3.0 HP to satisfy every individual's running need.


- Display and dashboard: display basic parameters such as time, distance run, speed and calories burned. In addition, some machines are also integrated with a convenient holder such as a phone holder or a water bottle holder.




Choosing to buy affordable, high-quality treadmills is completely possible. It's important to have a clear understanding of why this device is in that price range. After all, compared to the low-priced segment, high-end treadmills still bring more benefits to users' relaxation needs with modern convenience and features.

Hope you have gained more knowledge to be able to choose the most suitable treadmill for you. Find out more about us or order affordable treadmills and cheap foldable mini treadmills at the official website.



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