Infrared Full Body Massage Mattress Preservation

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Infrared Full Body Massage Mattress Preservation

To avoid damage, you should maintain the massage equipment properly for long-term use. For example, it is important to know the important information in the manual to avoid accidental damage. There are many more things to keep in mind. Let us list some methods of preserving massage equipment in general and full-body massage cushions with infrared in particular.

Effects of infrared heat massage

Before you can learn how to preserve it in detail, you must first understand the applications that infrared full-body massage cushions and other massage product lines are currently bringing. Only when you understand the importance of the equipment you will be traveling with can you take care of and preserve it.

Tính năng nhiệt hồng ngoại

The feature of infrared heat 

Infrared light has long been a proven therapy that has been successfully used in the treatment of a number of acute and chronic diseases. Using a full-body massage cushion with infrared has an impact on damaged cell areas of the body and helps to accelerate their self-renewal process.

More specifically, the benefits of a full-body massage cushion with infrared help improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promote deep tissue healing, and more effectively relieve pain.


Reasons for massage devices not working

After a long period of use, every machine comes to a point where it needs to be cared for or maintained. The Infrared full-body massage cushion is no exception.

You should read through a series of reasons below why the massage device does not work so that you can find a solution or learn from experience during use.


  • Due to excessive use, accompanied by the failure to conduct periodic inspection and maintenance.
  • Abandoned for a long time and not used often.
  • Accidentally letting the device get wet leads to short-circuiting of some components, especially non-waterproof models.
  • If not cleaned, dirt clings to the device, causing it to quickly degrade and easily peel off.
  • The adjustment button is paralyzed or unresponsive to the user's adjustment.
  • Being bitten by a dog, cat, or mouse severely affects the innermost motives.

Bị chó mèo cắn phá

Bitten by a cat

How to maintain massage equipment?

Massage product lines in general and full-body massage cushions with infrared in particular have at least once encountered unlucky incidents, whether they like it or not. It is important that you stay awake and start taking care of some of the external parts now to keep your device like new.

1. Clean the cover

Dùng khăn mềm lau chùi phần bỏ bọc

Use a soft cloth to clean the cover.

Treat frequently exposed areas such as the neck, arms, or calves gently by gently wiping away dirt or sweat with a soft cloth.

Or you can also use a soft cloth to wipe the entire outer edge of the infrared full body massage cushion. In addition, limit eating and drinking during the massage to avoid food debris falling into the area with gaps, affecting the life of the product.

2. Avoid direct sun exposure. 

It is best if you put your device in a cool area and do not expose it to sunlight. This can cause the structure to break and damage the material of the outer surface.

Avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight.

Massage equipment is also a highlight of the interior of the house. When a product loses its beauty, it no longer matches the design style of the house and is quickly shed.

3. Use it regularly.

Finally, and most importantly, use your massage device on a regular basis to keep the engine running smoothly. Take special care not to use it too frequently in a day. 


The product line of infrared massage cushions with the great benefits that it brings needs our attention and care. Keeping it clean, storing it in a place with a cool temperature, and operating the device regularly are the 3 methods that Gintell would like to introduce to you.

If you have a need to find yourself an affordable massage machine brand, do not hesitate to visit Gintell's official website for support.



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