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Running with an exercise machine is a very popular home exercise method today. However, very few people know how to practice the treadmill effectively, and improper training can easily lead to unnecessary injuries. To get good results from running, please refer to the instructions on how to effectively exercise the treadmill below!


Check the machine before practicing


Before exercising, you need to check the equipment carefully to ensure your safety during exercise. To make sure the treadmill is working properly, perform the following checks:

- Check the safety and parts of the machine. Check carefully if there are any damaged parts, whether the machine is solid or not.

- Do not use the same power cord with other devices. Please use a separate cord for the device.

- After the machine is plugged in, the last thing is to check the control panel and the functions are still working well.


Start up


Warm-up is a very important part of an exercise in general and running in particular. To avoid injury, you need to get ready for your workout by doing a warm-up.

The appropriate warm-up movements for runners that you need to know such as rotating joints, stretching, or stomping in place.

The most effective way to practice the treadmill is to warm up the joints in turn from the neck to the wrists, arms, shoulders, waist, hips, knees, and finally ankles. Perform 2-4 times for 10-20 minutes for this exercise.



Training process


After warming up, you should start walking or jogging lightly at a speed of 3 - 6km/h to acclimate to the treadmill for a few minutes, then gradually increase the speed for the exercise to be effective. high.

Besides, exercise posture also affects training efficiency. You need to pay attention to the posture before and during running, the back must be kept upright, the eyes are forward, and the body is completely relaxed but still maintaining a state of balance. A standard running form will help you run faster, keep your strength longer, reduce pressure on the knee joint and bring comfort.

Note: Do not lean back or lean forward because this posture will make the upper body stretch and easily cause injury to the back.



At the same time, in order to burn the most calories in one workout, you need to choose exercises that move uphill such as mountain climbing. This is an effective treadmill exercise for those who want to get in shape because this exercise will mainly focus on the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs, hips.

Currently, Gintell treadmill products are fully equipped with modern features, you can customize the training regimen. Gintell treadmills are set to incline from 0 to 20%. You will easily raise or lower the running table according to different exercise modes.

However, this feature is only available in high-end treadmills, not in regular cheap mini treadmills.


In addition, one of the effective ways to practice treadmill is to keep breathing even and steady is also very important. You just need to walk comfortably, breathe evenly and slowly, don't be impatient, breathe fast because this will make you short of breath and exhausted.


End of training session


To end the session, you absolutely do not stop immediately, but reduce the speed from slow running to light walking for 10 minutes to stabilize blood circulation. Because if stopped immediately, the blood will lack oxygen, easy to cause dizziness, dizziness, ... You need to pay attention to these problems, in order to have an effective and safe way to exercise on the treadmill.

After stopping, relax, relax your body, beat your arms and legs gently and breathe deeply to avoid muscle aches and cramps.

In addition, you absolutely do not take a shower immediately after running because it will cause a cold, even a stroke. Rest until your breathing returns to normal and the sweat has dried before taking a shower.



The above article has shown you how to exercise the treadmill effectively that we share. There are many different effective ways to exercise on the treadmill, but they all have to go through the 4 basic steps we have outlined in the article. Hope this article can help you train with the treadmill more effectively.

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