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On the market today, massage cushions have many different price segments. So based on where to determine the current massage mattress price? Which massage cushion and massage chair are more convenient? Which device should I buy? Below are the knowledge that has been synthesized to answer the above questions, you can refer to us to know more interesting information from us

Criteria for deciding the price of massage cushions

1. Structure

Massage cushions must be evenly arranged with massage rollers on the entire body of the mattress to ensure the user has an effective relaxation process. High-end mattress lines, the outside will be made of leather, high-quality satin fabric or a breathable substance, not causing any mystery when used on hot summer days. In addition, they are also equipped with an infrared heat system to help circulate blood, so the price of high-end massage cushions will be higher than normal mattresses.


2. Functions

The price of massage cushion also depends on the features that the device brings. Products of each brand will have different characteristics and features. To check the functionality of the device, find out what massage technique they are equipped with, how intense, and the key massage area of ​​the mattress.

Conventional massage cushion lines only have features such as massage, acupressure, vibration,... Particularly with high-end models, they will be integrated with infrared heating, timer, and automatic adjustment modes. massage degree,...



3. Operation

The massage devices are all operated on the principle of massage, simulating the human hand, acting on muscle areas to help improve muscles and joints.

In addition, some brands and their products are equipped with smart rollers, moving figure 8, affecting joints and capable of dissolving fat.…This is also the reason to decide. massage mattress prices are sold in the market.

Should you buy a massage chair or a massage cushion?

Depending on the needs and purposes of use of each person, so it is necessary to consider to choose a suitable device. To find out which device is right for you, just rely on the following criteria:

1. Purpose



First, what is the purpose of your massage machine?

If you are looking for a massage device only for the back and neck area, you can choose to buy a compact and convenient massage cushion. However, to improve health efficiency and use for the whole family, a full body massage chair will be a great choice for you. For the full body massage chair, users will be massaged parts of the whole body and enjoy the relaxation process.

2. Target users



For massage chairs, you can adjust the tilt of the chair to sitting or lying modes as you like. In addition, the chair is also pre-installed with exercise programs and integrates many features to serve each separate audience group. Because of the large design, the massage chair will not be able to move as easily as the massage cushion device. Just put the mattress in a place with a fulcrum, you can massage anywhere, even when you are driving a car, or traveling.

See more detailed information about massage cushion products at the article: Back Massage Mat and Great Uses

3. Price



In general, the price of a full body massage chair is higher than the price of a massage cushion.

Because massage chairs have luxurious design, modern technology features and bring more health benefits than massage cushions.

If your budget is abundant, choose to buy a full massage chair for a better experience. If the budget is not enough, the massage cushion will also be a good choice, the price of the massage mattress will help optimize your budget.


Just now is the basic information to help you answer the question "How much does a massage mattress cost? Should I buy a massage chair or a massage cushion?” We hope this information is useful to you. If you are interested in massage equipment, please contact us via hotline 0702.847,632 for immediate advice.



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